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a decision, an informed decision? i thought that was the role of the media, to educate the public. it is not partisan to tell someone because they're trying basically -- >> what republicans have done to say to the media, if you talk about what is in this bill, you're reporting factually what's in a bill. so telling people there are tax krilts or subsidies available to them is reporting what is available to them. that should not be considered partisan. >> part of the blame isn't just on the media. it's on the consumers of media themselves. think about young folks. they'll be most affected by the expanded health care. we prefer to get our news by the "daily show," by comedy central so, there's also a larger culture of not wanting to consume that hard media, that pbs news hour. how do we solve that? that's a trickier question. >> although i don't know if there's any media coverage in the world that can make filling out yet more forms sexy. it's going to be a story of people being unhappy about filling out forms no matter what. as somebody said, it's the joy of taxes with the, you kno
for early voting, uh, check. slashing public education budgets, check. that's the policy record of chris christie. but policy is not perception. and when it comes to winning elections, who you are as a candidate matters, but not as much as who voters believe you to be. and when we consider the perception of chris christie, we think about this guy, the one shaking hands with president obama out of gratitude for coming to the rescue of his storm-ravaged state. the one hugging president obama and letting president obama touch him, actually touching the same president who is positively radioactive among his fellow republicans, looking much like a reasonable republican, if ever there was one. then there's this guy, virginia republican candidate for governor, ken cuccinelli, who despite numbers showing an increasingly close race between him and democratic candidate terry mcauliffe, still can't manage to shake off his second place spot in the polls. this in a purple state, that despite going for president obama in the last two presidential elections, hasn't previously picked a democrat for pres
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)